Our Legacy

A legacy can be defined as something that is a result of events in the past. For the Gunners of this chapter it means sharing what we have learned, and what we have built as a Brotherhood.  The names of all past, present, and future members will be contained in our chapter’s history. Their names shall not be erased because they are no longer with us. We shall honor our history and leave behind our legacy as a chapter, and as a club. 

We shall learn from our mistakes. The lessons learned shall be used to ensure the survival of this chapter and the club as a whole. We shall ensure the future generations of Auburn Gunners inherit a chapter built on strength, unity, loyalty, and Brotherhood above all. 

The passion for riding fuels our spirit. As men we desire to belong to an entity of like-minded individuals. This passion and desire is why we chose to wear the GLEMC Colors and swore an Oath to be our “Brother’s keeper”.